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CakeResume 让您高度客制化您的简历排版,用独一无二的方式介绍自己

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CakeResume is a fantastic tool to build your CV. It is fast, easy to use and you can choose among different stunning design templates! Super!
Chiara de Caro
Chiara de Caro
Team Lead · Online Marketing Manager
CakeResume is responsible for my most beautiful resume. My best job leads praised my eye for design based solely on my resume.
Patrick Dobson
Patrick Dobson
Full-Stack Web Developer
CakeResume helped me fit all of my experience, publications, and awards concisely onto my resume in a clean and visually appealing way.
Benjamin Attia
Benjamin Attia
Research Associate
CakeResume makes it easy to set up a well designed and polished resume. I’ve recommended it to friends due to its ease of use and it’s fun to see it come together.
Christy Lee
Christy Lee
Business Development Specialist